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An important part of transitioning into an assisted living environment is the involvement and support of family and friends. Here at the Tanglewood Group, loved ones are encouraged to take part in any and all picnics, parties, performances and day-to-day activities, or even join their loved one for a meal.

Tanglewood Group prides themselves in the encouraged independence and individuality of each resident. Most of our residents are proud of the place they call home and are excited to invite their family and friends to experience the things they look forward to each day. Each facility has a “bistro”, which is a beautifully decorated kitchen setting where residents and loved ones can have private a “family style” meal. Tanglewood Manor as well as Frewsburg Rest Home have functional kitchens available for family get-togethers where they can even cook a meal with their loved one. This is a great way to accommodate several guests while the resident can stay in the comfort of their own home. Hosting a get-together, setting the table, preparing refreshments, giving a “grand tour” of the building, these are all things that promote independence and a continued sense of pride, which is the main goal of the Tanglewood Group as a whole.

Each season brings opportunity for picnics and holiday parties, all of which loved ones are invited to and encouraged to join. During the summer months, each facility hosts several outdoor picnics with traditional barbeque foods and a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. In August, Tanglewood Manor and Memory Garden host their annual Fishing Tournament and BBQ in the Louis Ferreri Memorial Park. There are 3 cash prizes awarded to each resident, family member and staff who catch the biggest fish. Frewsburg Rest Home will be hosting their first Pig Roast Luau in August for residents and their loved ones to enjoy the last bit of summer with a Hawaiian spin. Each facility hosts holiday meals for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter with full menus where loved ones are invited to join in our own traditions and family celebrations.

Having continued support from loved ones is so important and each facility within the Tanglewood Group does their best to incorporate family involvement any way they can. If you’d like to receive event invitations, newsletters, activities calendars and pictures please leave your e-mail address at the front desk of any facility, Tanglewood Manor, Frewsburg Rest Home or Memory Garden. Like our pages on Facebook to keep up with all the fun things we do on a daily basis. Finally, see the attached activities calendars for each facility and stop in and join us for any of our daily activities, our doors are always open!

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You Are What You Eat!

Tanglewood Group, Senior Living, Assisted Living, Food, Cooking, Healthy Living, Diet, Senior Citizens, Senior housing, ADL's

When Chef Travis Bensink was hired at the Tanglewood Group 5 months ago, a major improvement he wanted to make in the lives of others was to provide an outlet of better quality food.

Food is an essential part of living, and is a vital aspect in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals are the five major nutrients we receive through food in order to sustain a healthy and productive way of life.

All of these components are essential in senior living because in many cases, food may be the only outlet used to increase or maintain energy. Without proper nutrition habits, immune systems may be at risk and make seniors more susceptible to colds, infections, and influenza. In the summer months, dehydration can also become a major issue.

After experimenting, taste testing, and of course trial and error, Travis released a new and improved summer menu to be proud of. Shrimp and grits, asparagus onion quiche, red pepper bisque soup and a variety of home-style comfort food introduces residents to a selection of meals that encourage healthy eating. “It all starts with fresh ingredients,” explains Travis. “Without natural ingredients, the quality of food declines. We try to use the freshest foods in our local market.” Leafy greens, fresh fruit and crisp vegetables are incorporated into the residents daily dishes to not only prove that healthy food is good for the body, but also delicious to eat!

As the menu continues to expand in the upcoming months, Travis and his team of dietary staff are looking forward to learning new culinary techniques and taking their knowledge a step further. “The ultimate goal is to satisfy every resident with their meals, because the residents are what come first.” For more information about our new menu, please contact Travis Bensink at (716) 483-2876 ext. 2205.

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Tanglewood Group to Host Summer Concerts in the Park

Tanglewood Group, Louis Ferreri Memorial Park, Summer Concert Series, Assisted Living, Senior Living, Jamestown NY

Nestled just behind Tanglewood Manor, The Louis Ferreri Memorial Park offers miles of peaceful woodland full of activities for both residents of the Tanglewood Group and the community. Opened in 2006, this hidden treasure has become the location for a wide variety of outdoor activities during the spring and summer.
Boasting 2.5 miles of walking trails, 6 seating areas, 3 stocked fishing ponds, and a dock that doubles as a performance stage, the Louis Ferreri Park delivers a calming ambiance within the bustling city of Jamestown.

As summer quickly approaches, Tanglewood Group residents, staff, and family members look forward to hosting another season of events in the park. Beginning in June, their Summer Concert Series will offer attendees a display of local entertainers in hour long performances on the outdoor stage. Seasonal favorites such as the Lake Erie Banjo Jammers, KoKoMo Time, Steve Strickland, and the Happy Days Band are just a few performers that will be providing musical entertainment this year.

The public is welcome to visit the park to experience all that it has to offer throughout the summer months. Community groups are also invited to host events at each of the Tanglewood facilities.

The Tanglewood Group has been offering quality care to seniors in the greater Jamestown area for over 30 years.  For more information about the summer concert series, use of the Tanglewood facilities, or any of the services Tanglewood offers, visit or call 716-483-2876.



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Volunteers Offer Therapeutic Approach

JCC, Occupational Therapy, OTA Students, Jamestown Community College, Memory Garden, Dementia Care, Assisted Living, Tanglewood Group, Arts and CraftsJCC Occupational Therapy Students Getting Involved at the Tanglewood Group

The Tanglewood and Memory Garden facilities have been alive with great volunteers from the JCC Occupational Therapy Program this winter!  We have welcomed two interns from the JCC OTA program at Memory Garden and Tanglewood Manor. These  ladies have been coming up with new activities as well as spending one-to-one time with the residents at both facilities.

At the Tanglewood Group we partner with organizations to increase our ability to connect with the community. The interns we have been hosting this have been able to assist with increased activity at both facilities. The interns have also implemented group activities including ladies groups, trivia, crafts and one of our favorite activities  – BINGO. Our residents and staff have enjoyed their energy and enthusiasm. Residents have also really enjoyed their youthful attitude and the ability to engage in new conversations. The interns have also commented that they enjoy getting to know the residents and spending time with them.

The interns are able to gain knowledge and skills that go beyond the classroom. While here with the Tanglewood Group they have been able to meet with other departments and really obtain a hands on learning experience. The Tanglewood Group is proud to continue partnerships like these that build relationships with community members.

We continue to look forward to hosting more groups and community events at each of our facilities. If you have any suggestions or recommendations please contact Nicole Mucheck at (716) 488-9434 ext. 2226.

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Meet our New Chef!

Tanglewood Group, Dietary, Chef, Senior Living, Assisted Living

The Tanglewood Group is pleased to announce the addition of a brand new chef, Travis E. Bensink, C.C., to the Tanglewood Manor staff. Travis brings 10 years of professional cooking experience and over 14 years of leadership experience to the Tanglewood Group family of properties. Beginning his career cooking at a Walt Disney World resort property, Mr. Bensink earned a customer service award through the Disney Traditions management training program, gaining experience as an Executive Chef with kitchen management and catering. Most recently, Travis was the Executive Chef at the Chautauqua Institution and Heirloom Restaurant, leading a staff of over 50, creating regular restaurant menus and managing events and inventory. A seasoned chef who values fresh, seasonal ingredients, he is particularly adept in staff training and leadership.

The Tanglewood Group is proud to welcome Travis and his culinary expertise, and looks forward to his creation of exciting new resident menus that are not only nutritious and delicious but also beautifully-presented. Nicholas Ferreri, Tanglewood Group’s owner, notes “As important as taste and quality is, we know that you eat with your eyes as well. Our goal is to provide residents not only with the best product, but with the best food presentation in the industry.”

To learn more about Tanglewood’s addition or to schedule a visit, please call 716-483-2876 or visit

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Tanglewood Group Welcomes New Music Director

Assisted Living, Paul Hoefler, Music, Activities, Golden Gems, Tanglewood Group

Tanglewood’s Golden Gems, made up of residents from Tanglewood Manor, Tanglewood’s Memory Care Households, Memory Garden and the Frewsburg Rest Home are very excited to have a new director join the team this year. After we sadly bid farewell to our longtime music director, Mary Schmidt late last year, we welcomed Paul Hoeffler, well known local musician and entertainer as our new Music Director.

Paul is a third generation musician. Born and raised in Amherst, he moved to the Jamestown area 25 years ago. Paul travels the world as a piano entertainer working in the entertainment industry. He calls Jamestown home with his wife, Joann, has raised two daughters here and is also a proud grandfather.Assisted Living, Paul Hoefler, Music, Activities, Golden Gems, Tanglewood Group

Paul is off to a fantastic start, having recently directed an amazing holiday program for our family and friends here at Tanglewood Manor. The concert consisted of some of the traditional holiday songs by the Golden Gems, solo performances, a duet and quartet. Paul even wrote a special holiday song for the Gems to perform for the program, and it was just what everyone needed!

Assisted Living, Paul Hoefler, Music, Activities, Golden Gems, Tanglewood GroupThe Golden Gems  have performed more than 100 concerts throughout the greater Jamestown and Chautauqua area over the years. As the group continues to grow we are able to provide a wide variety of performances from individual solos and instrumentals to large group concerts for local audiences.

Hoeffler is excited to begin the New Year with new performances at home as well as other venues in the community. The Tanglewood Group is pleased to have such a talented group of performers who can continue to do what they love under his direction. Our Golden Gems enjoy getting out in the community whenever they have the opportunity.

The Tanglewood Group’s Activities Department looks forward to hosting and performing for many more group and community events at each of our facilities. If you have any suggestions or recommendations for performers, or are interested in booking the Golden Gems to perform for your club or event,  please contact Nicole Mucheck at 488-9434 ext. 2226.Assisted Living, Paul Hoefler, Music, Activities, Golden Gems, Tanglewood Group

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Frewsburg Rest Home Awarded Medicaid-eligible ALP Beds

Frewsburg Rest Home, Tanglewood Group, Frewsburg NY, Senior Care, Assisted Living, Senior Housing

The Tanglewood Group is proud to announce that the Frewsburg Rest Home has been awarded ALP status as an assisted living facility. With the addition of 81 Medicaid-eligible resident beds, the 106 W. Main Street, Frewsburg, NY location can now offer the same government-assisted care to seniors that the Group’s Tanglewood Manor facility in Jamestown, NY has offered since 1998. The “Rest Home,” as it is known by local residents, has served seniors in the community as an independent living facility for over 40 years. With the announcement of the ALP bed additions, residents will only be required to pay a rate deemed by New York state to be suitable for their income, with Medicaid subsidizing the cost of care. Not only does this mean that the property can welcome residents of all income levels, but it also means current and future residents will always have a home–with the same benefits and care– regardless of changes to their income or personal savings. The charming Victorian property, which greets visitors entering the Village of Frewsburg, underwent major renovations and improvements after the 2014 acquisition by the Tanglewood Group. Completely renovated and modernized rooms with full baths now add a touch of elegance and luxury to the comfortable, country home and family-style setting. To learn more or to schedule a visit, please call 716-569-3095 or visit

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